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Author: Joanna Williams
Date: 13 February 2015

INKnBURNINKnBURN to me is a clothing line made for active people that love to stand out and have fun!  Their eye-catching designs lured me instantly into their collection of original designs and their innovative approach to activewear. INKnBURN is a small company located in Costa Mesa, California. They sell activewear for men, women and children. All their apparel is made in the USA.

My first purchase from INKnBURN was August 2013. I fell in love with the artwork of their tech shirts. Specifically their Steam Punk Tech Shirt, the Holiday Sweater Long Sleeve Shirt that looks like a real sweater, and the Sun Totem Camisole. My thoughts were “Are you serious? Come on!”  These were unique and sweet looking shirts to run in! There’s nothing like it anywhere.


2013 Pet Day 5K wearing Steam Punk Tech Shirt

The first race I ran wearing INKnBURN was a local 5K run and I wore my Steam Punk shirt. It’s a small town so I expected a few glances and comments. A few folks said “Cool shirt!”, “Love that design”, and I totally agreed!  It was a humid morning to run and I remember feeling very comfortable in the shirt. It handled the heat and sweat very nicely.


2013 Jingle Bell 5K Holiday Sweater Tech Shirt

Now, the holiday sweater concept was a genius design idea. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. A few months later I ran the Jingle Bell 5K in that sweater-looking tech shirt. It’s made of the same material as the other tech shirts which is a high quality technical performance fabric. This one was long sleeved and perfect for winter running. Usually after the first mile I start to really warm up and want to strip the layers but this fabric was both warm and cooling…it breathed. I was able to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cloudy 37 degree weather.

What’s great about this fabric and these styles is that you can wear their clothing casually to work, to yoga, to hang out at home, or to go out on the town. They are that comfortable and beautiful.

My next purchase was to try their shorts and capris. They matched so many of their other shirts, tanks and camisoles. After wearing their shorts on training runs and races, I have to say the shorts are the most comfortable shorts to run in. They fit like a glove. They don’t ride up and they don’t bunch up in places. In fact it feels very natural. The waist band is really soft and forgiving. You can roll it up or fold it down.  They have two hidden pockets on either side for gels, keys or whatever small item you need to carry.

The capris are also very comfortable and may I say – flattering. I ran my first marathon with their Dragonfly tech shirt and matching Capri pants and I had no issues with discomfort during those 26.2 miles. In fact they felt great!

Jeans Close-up

Close-up of Wildflower Pants design details

My overall impression was WOW! INKnBURN  not only has cool designs but they even feel good. They are so comfortable to wear. I have had absolutely zero chaffing issues with any of their clothing. The styles are so vivid and impressive that they definitely make a statement and what’s great is that they last! These original articles of clothing I bought are almost 2 years old and they haven’t faded at all. I wear them casually, I work out in them, I run in them, and I sweat in them. You’d think with all the washing and wearing that they would reveal a worn-in look, but no, they’re as bright as when they were new.

The artwork doesn’t fade, peel, or crack. What’s interesting is that you can’t feel the ink! Unlike most t-shirts you can feel the ink on the shirt, with INKnBURN’s process it’s all smooth.

What impresses me the most of their designs are the level of detail to make the fabrics look real. They are experts at making the denim look like real denim, the sweater to look like it was made with real soft yarn, and the leather to look like real leather as displayed on the Buccaneer tech shirt. No matter how close you look at it.


2014 Rock’n’Roll VA Beach Half Marathon wearing Healing Mandala Camisole and matching shorts.


2015 Disney Marathon wearing Dragonfly Tech Shirt and matching Capri pants.

INKnBURN explains their process:

We buy all white fabric to use as our canvas and then cut each panel needed to make up the garment.  While that is happening, we are printing art on specially designed paper with a very vibrant and unique kind of ink.  Once done, the cut pieces of fabric are matched up with the printed art work.  Pressure is applied along with temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  The extreme heat turns the ink into a gas that bonds to the fabric fibers.  Unlike silk screening where you are spreading paint across the fibers and blocking the holes in performance fabric, our technique allows the fabric to still breathe and perform.” ~ INKnBURN

So I am now an INKnBURN addict, ~ahem…I mean I am an INKnBURN Brand Ambassador. I am truly honored to have been accepted and to support this company because I love the art, the meaning behind the designs, and the feel and durability of each article of clothing. Their customer service is responsive and very friendly. I can’t wait for what their artists create next.



INKnBURN Ambassador

2015 INKnBURN Run or Die Tech Shirt and Capris


My Favorite INKnBURN Creations

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