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Author: Joanna Williams
Date: February 2015

I was first introduced to running in the US Air Force. I wasn’t very fast and I certainly did not enjoy it mainly due to the fact that I had to run. It was many years later, after I separated from active duty, that I was re-introduced to running by a friend. She asked me to join her at a 5K race in Miami Beach.. for fun. I was nervous. I had never ever run a race before and I certainly didn’t know if it would be fun. I’m so glad I did because I had a blast.  It was at this race that I developed the “running bug”.  Miami is flat except for the bridges so I never had the challenge of hills until I moved to Maryland.  Up until this move I never really thought about my running shoes. I just bought whatever shoe was on sale under the running category.  What I noticed were pains starting to develop on the arch of my foot or on the outside area of my foot opposite my arch. Then my toes would become numb. No matter what shoe I wore, or how I tied my laces my feet were never truly comfortable. I eventually settled into the Ravenna 4’s from Brooks. They are a great shoe. I ran in Brooks for a very long time.
Until I visited the Expo in DC for the Rock ‘N’ Roll DC Half Marathon and saw the Newton Running booth. They had a very unique looking running shoe and offered to let me take a test run around the expo. I obliged because the look of the lugs was so intriguing. The Newton Running representative explained how they worked but that I had to try them on to understand. The uniqueness of Newton shoes are the 5 lugs.

Newton LugsThese soft lugs are located at the forefoot for each metatarsal. They are designed to absorbs impact and add responsiveness with every step.

So I laced up a pair of the Gravity IIIs and ran around the expo. My feet felt light, bouncy, and felt like it was made for my foot. I immediately noticed the energy return and found the broader platform very comfortable. After that I purchased the pair and began testing them out and never went back to another pair of running shoes. My feet never felt so great and fresh after a run. I have run several half marathons since then to include my first full Marathon.  My feet felt so good after that marathon that I was able to walk around Epcot for 6 hours afterwards.


In My Closet

Gravity III

Gravity IIIThe Gravity III’s was my introduction to Newton Running. They are a great shoe for endurance training and racing. They have a heel-to-toe drop of 3mm.  They are light weight and breathable. I ran several half marathons in these shoes.  You may need to add arch support inserts if your foot has a flatter arch. Or you can get the Motion III’s.



Motion III

Gravity IIIAfter running in the Gravity III’s I decided to try a different shoe. If you need more arch support, I suggest the Motion III’s. These have become my favorite running shoe. As I started to add miles to my runs I realized my foot needed more stability past mile 13. My arch needs more support when I run long distances and these shoes do not disappoint.  They are very similar to the Gravity III’s.

I wear the Gravity III’s and Motion III’s for high mileage runs.


Distance III

Distance IIIFor speed workouts, faster running and 5K races,  I wear the Distance III’s. They are great for fast paced running. They make you feel very light on your feet.  These shoes are lightweight and have a 2mm heel-to-toe drop. I love the feel of these shoes for my tempo training runs and mile repeats. They were made to go fast.




BOCO ATRecently I tried out the BOCO AT’s for trail and off-road running. These shoes are amazing!! I ran 9 miles of trails in 25 degree weather and my feet felt strong, stable, warm and dry.  With trails, footing can be unpredictable with tree roots, puddles, and rugged paths. These shoes made it very easy to run through all that terrain. These have multi-directional lugs for traction. They gripped wet and icy patches very well.  Like the Gravity III’s and Motion III’s these have a 3mm heel-to-toe drop. What I love about these shoes is they are also Green. The BOCO AT’s are 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole top cover, and upper mesh. Even the box and packaging is recycled.



Newton Running as a Company

1-6-08newton1These are the reasons why I love Newton Running as a company.

1. They are eco-friendly, their shoe packaging is 100% recycled.
2. They sponsor charities
3. They serve dinner to Boulder, CO’s homeless
4. They are the first running shoe company to achieve B Corp status.

Newton Running was founded on the principal that they will leave this world better than they found it! I love that! So proud to be a part of this great company!

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